A giving circle

We support Black and Brown Christian leaders and minority-led ministries in the Baltimore area, for racial justice and reconciliation, towards the peace and unity of the church.

Why Sunday Fund exists

Sundays are complicated. As followers of Jesus, we celebrate God's promise of unity-in-diversity in Revelation 7, and we lament the continued relevance of Dr. King's words from 1963:

"At 11:00 on Sunday morning when we stand and sing 'In Christ there is no east or west,' we stand at the most segregated hour in this nation. This is tragic. Nobody of honesty can overlook this. Now, I'm sure that if the church had taken a stronger stand all along, we wouldn't have many of the problems that we have."

This divide is also present in philanthropy. The Witness Foundation puts it well:

"Due to historic inequality, many Black Christian leaders struggle to raise funds to fuel the vision that God has given them for ministry. These individuals and organizations often do not have generational wealth, or relational or professional networks that many white Christian organizations draw from in order to raise support."

We are united by our love for Jesus and our commitment to generous justice and ethnic conciliation in the church and in our city. If you want to learn more about these issues, we have shortlists for you to read, listen to, or watch.

How Sunday Fund works

We are a new giving circle that meets a few times a year in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. (What is a giving circle?)

Our approach:
We award all grants as unrestricted funds.All members participate as equals, regardless of specific contribution, and give according to their wealth and income.We strive to build a circle that provides opportunities to learn from each other and challenges us all to live up to our shared values.We work to build lasting relationships with each other and those we support.
We support those who:
Have a holistic philosophy of ministry;Have a hard time accessing resources through traditional philanthropic channels; andPrimarily live and work in the Baltimore region.
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Each of our members freely gives at least 1% of their income.

We invite you to consider joining us, but we also accept donations of any size.

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Whatever your reason for reaching out, we're glad to hear from you.